Libertarianism for Normal People is about teaching everyday folk how to increase the amount of personal freedom they have in their daily lives. Whether you’re a hardcore voluntaryist libertarian, someone who’s just fiscally conservative and socially liberal, or you’re just curious about the whole libertarian philosophy, this is a conversation you need to join.

Sure. It’s pretty impossible to escape the grip of government, but you can change your mindset so that you can live with more liberty and prosperity. Having a foundation of libertarian principles can be key to enhance our wealth, success, and independence while waiting for the state to go away.

Libertarianism for Normal People is about obtaining personal and financial freedom, as well as time independence by increasing your individual skill set and perspective. Because while we may not be able to escape paying taxes just yet, there are things we can do right now to live freer lives, and that do not involve overthrowing the government.

We discuss everything, from economics to politics to cultural issues, in a way that’s easily digestible and doesn’t get too far into the weeds. We’re not economists nor history or political scholars, but we can give you a guide to help you live your life more freely.

Plus, with our knowledge and experience in entrepreneurship and financial freedom, we’ll discuss creative ways of making money on the side to starting your own business and more. We are practical and experienced and dogmatic. But we are not discriminatory. Anybody of any political persuasion can and will benefit from the conversations we have. But do expect us to espouse our political views. We are libertarians, after all.

So let us be clear. This podcast is not about convincing you to become a libertarian. This podcast is about showing you how to think and live like one. And if you pull the lever for the libertarian candidate on your ballot during the next election, hey… that’s cool, too!

About Pat

who do libertarians think will build the roads

Pat Flynn’s an entrepreneur, writer, and family man. He has a wife and two kids, with one on the way! As an independent business owner (, Pat experiences the intrusive nature of government from a business and personal perspective, which is a big reason he’s a libertarian… and also why he started his own business.

He sees a minimalist lifestyle, healthy living, and self-improvement as the best ways of achieving individual liberty.

About Jon

Jon Reed’s a communications professional who’s been a writer and video creator for the past 20 years. He lives with his girlfriend in the Philadelphia suburbs. Jon’s a bit older than Pat, so his libertarian chops are a bit more seasoned. He enjoys debating current events and explaining the blessings of liberty and how to get it. Jon’s a movie buff, wine lover, and introvert who enjoys his time chillin at home, or hanging out with a select few people who spike his intellect and curiosity.