Friedman vs. Rothbard. Seriously. Why do libertarians fight over this? (Episode 61)

Since I became a part of the libertarian community, one thing that’s annoyed me is the near-vitriol that libertarians (who might follow someone like Mises or Rothbard) have for those who follow the Chicago School of economics and, in particular, its main figurehead, Milton Friedman.

Now, I concede that given the choice, I prefer Rothbard over Friedman and the Austrian School over the Chicago School. However, it’s always puzzled me the way Rothbardians attack Friedmanites with such vigor and malice. Of course we disagree with some fundamentals that differentiated Friedman from Rothbard, but geez o’Pete… would any Rothbardian not take the opportunity to live in a Milton Friedman-esque economy if that was the only choice vs. the crony capitalistic system we have now?

Really, why do we treat Chicago School followers as the enemy when there are more things we have in common than on which we differ? Why deny the positive impact Friedman had on waking up people to the blessings of the free market?

We discuss.

Friedman Vs Rothbard


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