Bonus Episode: The Pat Flynn Show with Guest Michael Malice (Episode 57)

michael malice on north korea

Today, we offer a bonus episode! As you might or might not know (probably not), co-host Pat Flynn has his own podcast – The Pat Flynn Show… clever name, right? The podcast is about expert generalism, which means learning multiple skills that will help you become a more complete and valuable person to others who need the services you can offer.

Pat’s had a variety of guests from different backgrounds who have achieved success not by specializing in one particular skill, but in many. A recent guest was one with which many libertarians should be familiar – Michael Malice, author of “Dear Reader: An Unauthorized Autobiography of Kim Jong Il,” and ghostwriter for several celebrity books.

Pat and Michael discussed a multitude of topics, including writing and of course, North Korea. We thought our Libertarianism For Normal People audience would get a kick out of Pat’s conversation with Michael, so please… enjoy!

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– Pat and Jon

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