Is It Worth Being a Dick to Cops? (Episode 54)

When it comes to law enforcement, libertarians favor, for the most part, private solutions. We would rather have a market-based security agency than a monopolized police force populated by self-serving, unaccountable individuals who think they’re above the laws they are supposed to enforce.

This philosophy has caused many libertarians to ‘act out’ against police officers. You’ve probably seen the videos of anti-statists giving cops a hard time during traffic stops or on the street. But is this a good approach? If you’re getting a speeding ticket, is it worth refusing to answer questions and voicing your objection to state-oriented law enforcement to an officer who might not have a political agenda and just feels that they’re doing his/her job?

We discuss in today’s episode.

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Is It Worth Being a Dick to Cops?


– Pat and Jon

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