Fitness Independence with Aleks Salkin (Episode 26)

how to gain your fitness independence

We’ve said it before – freedom means staying free in all aspects of life, including our health. If we don’t take care of ourselves, we subject ourselves to dependency on the healthcare system. And the more that system is regulated by government, the greater potential there is to be a victim of bureaucracy.

The answer is to do what you can to keep yourself in the best health possible. Luckily, Pat is a fitness expert and is more than capable of helping people in that area. But for this episode, we bring in another fitness expert all the way from Israel! He loves the podcast that much that he actually came to Pennsylvania to be a guest!… Actually, he’s a friend of Pat’s and was visiting anyway.

But we couldn’t miss the opportunity to speak with Aleks Salkin – a successful fitness coach – and get his insight on the easiest ways to stay fit and healthy so you’re not compromised by a bureaucratic health system.

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– Pat and Jon

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