The Secret to Self-Discipline, with Som Skidar (Episode 12)

If you’ve been following Libertarianism for Normal People since our humble beginnings (a whopping month ago), then you know that part of our mission is to help liberty-minded folks acquire the skills and knowledge they need to become more entrepreneurial, independent, and powerful in their own lives.

Being independent – in other words, living a life that doesn’t depend on the government or big companies for our sustainability – can often require discipline… a characteristic that is somewhat hard to find nowadays. But contrary to popular belief, discipline isn’t something you’re born with or acquire only if you had really strict parents. It’s a skill you can learn. Like any skill, it takes the right mindset and some practice.

So where do you start? How do you become more disciplined? We asked our friend Somnath “Som” Skidar, owner and instructor at Dragon Gym Martial Arts and Fitness, to weigh in on his thoughts. Som teaches discipline to his students every day, and as a martial artist and successful business owner, he knows how to focus the mind to achieve goals.

If you could use a little discipline in your own life, be sure to take a listen to this thought-provoking episode. And remember to share with anyone you think might benefit from the discussion.

The Secret to Self Discipline


– Pat and Jon

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