Is Bread Predatory? (On the Humanity of Capitalism, Episode 11)

We’ve found that we get great inspiration from those who comment on our Facebook posts – and we’re not talking about the pro-libertarian crowd. It’s those who oppose, or just don’t get, libertarianism who make, what to us, are quite bizarre statements.

One of them was made from a meme we posted recently that showed the difference between capitalism and socialism when it comes to the availability of bread. One comment on this post claimed that the price of bread is predatory, so much so that people can afford only one loaf a month.

Not that we probably have to debunk this notion (since it’s too absurd to be taken seriously), but we discus in today’s episode, along with a bigger discussion about the idea of whether capitalism exploits consumers and gives them overpriced, subpar products… and if government is necessary to prevent predatory practices in the name of protecting the customer.

Links to topics discussed in the show:

The Truth About Monopolies and Anti-Trust Laws

Cliches of Progressivism: Rockefeller’s Standard Oil Proved That We Need Anti-Trust Laws

I, Pencil

Image that drew the “bread is predatory” comment:

Is Bread Predatory? (On the Humanity of Capitalism)


– Pat and Jon

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