Why Argue On Facts When You Can Just Yell?

Why argue on facts when you can just yell?

Facts do very little (if anything) to win people over in a debate. I mean, why do you think Trump won? And why do you think so many people wanted Bernie Sanders over that sick, frail, rapist-defending, war-mongering, crone? Bernie Sanders never uses facts, so long as he can help it. They are too much of an inconvenience for him, as is earning an honest living. So rather he focuses on making an emotional appeal, just like Donald does.

A lot of people say Trump is either stupid or ignorant because he never uses facts, or when he does they aren’t actually facts, they’re just made up. But my argument has always been if you think Donald Trump is either stupid or ignorant then you will always be confused and disappointed by what he does. I’m not saying he’s a good president. I’m not even saying he’s a good man. But the guy is not stupid. Donald Trump knows better than to argue on facts. He’s not as silly as that Ted Cruz guy is.

The hardest things in the world is to try and beat an emotional appeal with a logical argument. Such is why Bernie and Donald have gained so much popularity. Both know how to play to the emotions, particularly fear. Bernie says if the ACA gets repealed sick people will be left to die, and that is just, well, unacceptable! UNACCEPTABLE! Donald says if we don’t get the ban in place terrorists are going to pour into our country as easy as the Mexicans do. Now, logically and statistically, we know either of these are not going to happen. Before the ACA sick people were not left dying on the streets and before the travel ban terrorists were not just “pouring in.” But does it matter? No.

And The Donald and Crazy Bernie know that statistics/facts/logic/reason doesn’t matter. They are true tradesman. And very good at what they do.

– Pat

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