The Real Burden of Government on Small Business (Ep. 8)

Since his inauguration, President Trump has been busy with executive orders and talk about what he believes will make America’s economy great again. One of the issues he’s discussed is rolling back regulations that he believes are making our businesses less competitive in the world market.

Now, we agree rolling back federal regulations would be a great thing and that this would be a great step toward growing the economy. But federal regulations are only part of the story. There are state and municipal regulations that impose often absurd burdens on small businesses.

How bad does it get? Our first-ever guest on the Libertarianism for Normal People podcast, Somnath Skidar – owner and operator of Dragon Gym in Exton and Berwyn, PA – details some of the bureaucratic hoops through which he’s had to jump and the effects these regulations have had on him and his ability to hire employees.

Links to Resources Discussed in the Show:

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Problem with Government Regulation: 

Business-Government Collusion:

Regulatory Environment Has More Impact on Business Than the Economy, Say U.S. CEOs:

The Real Burden of Government
on Small Business


– Pat and Jon

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