Love/Hate Mail: Mike W.

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Anyway, a previous email we sent to our subscribers talked about the trend among liberals since Trump’s inauguration as they vow “not to stay silent” even though they stayed silent during all of the civil liberties violations and expanded foreign interventions of the Obama administration.

Evidently we struck a cord with one Mike Williams, who shared the following note with us. Thanks Mike! You’re a shining example of why people need to get on our damn email list! (after all, they get a free entrepreneurship starting guide!)

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Well said guys. If I may, I view the new attitude of liberals, progressives et al, as a great opportunity to start reversing the 87 year trend we’ve suffered of popular (and especially Congressional) acquiescence to the Executive. That is, starting in smaller ways with Hoover, exploding with FDR, and in new increments (some smaller, some larger, but always ratcheting in the same direction), each president through the present has grabbed powers that the president has no right to exercise. I love Brion McClanahan’s recent, “9 Presidents Who Screwed Up America,” who would point out that Presidential Hubris wasn’t Hoover’s invention, but Coolidge was certainly the LAST president ever to take the Constitution as ANY kind of restraint.

In what other time would a 50-cent word like ‘arrogate’ be heard in common discourse? And in what other time would progressives decry the imposition of political will by main force? Yet here we are. Time to get them to agree that these powers DON’T belong to the president, NEVER DID, and time to take them back. Then we’ll have only to remind them in 2021 that President Beyonce` has no right to take them again.

Mike Williams

“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.” 

― R. Reagan (who also usurped powers he had no right to claim – but hey, he was right on this score)


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