Tips for Introducing People to Libertarianism (Episode 7)

how to get people to become libertarian

It’s probably true for any side of the political spectrum: How do you get people on your side? Or at least, how do you get them to have an honest understanding of your positions?

For libertarians, this is an even more difficult task, because we don’t fall within the strict left or right paradigms. For instance, if we suggest that education should be privatized, they look at us like we have two heads. “How can education exist without government?!?!”

Now, if Facebook is any barometer, many libertarians come back with a very hostile approach, often accusing the other party of being statist or socialist. But is that the best way to make people understand libertarianism, anarcho-capitalism, or the Non-Aggression Principle?

We discuss on today’s episode.

Some Resources to Help Introduce People to Libertarianism:

David Boaz: Introduction to Libertarianism

Robert Murphy: An Introduction to Libertarianism

Marshall Fritz: An Introduction to Libertarianism

Tips for Introducing People to Libertarianism


– Pat and Jon

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