Are Libertarians Anarchists?

are libertarians anarchists?

This is me being an anarchist

A question that comes up a lot is whether libertarians are anarchists. I think a lot of them are. But there are a good number that are also not. Actually there are libertarians who believe in just about everything, even communism. Now I would say they don’t understand libertarianism if they are in favor of communism, and that’s fine. Not everybody has the time to learn about something before talking about it.

Jon posted about this the other day on Facebook, actually, he said, well he said something to the effect of, blah, blah, blah, do you think anarcho-capitalism is what libertarianism ends up as, or something like that. You can see his original post HERE. But I think what he said was something about the Constitution and whether it worked or not. I have a hard time reading what Jon writes, I’m going to be honest. He is so snooty!

But here is what I said:

“I feel anarcho-capitalism is the logical end for any lover of liberty. Is it the most practical end, now? Maybe not. But will it be? I think so.

All anarcho-capitalism is really saying is that laws are no more complicated to make than pizza or video games. So if the market is better at giving us pizza and video games, we might as well let the market give us law, too.

I do think it’s important to remember that anarcho-capitalism is an economic framework and it is possible to imagine a scenario where people in an anarcho-capitalist society would pay to have laws put in place that would not have libertarian outcomes. It’s unlikely, but possible. (But still unlikely.)

Rothbard argued that liberty will win out because liberty is what is true. Freedom is the fundamental right of man. So either through culture or science and technology, there will come a point where government is either unnecessary or impossible.

Assuming, of course, the robots don’t take over. But even if they do, who’s to say robots wouldn’t favor a libertarian society? Just because they’re for a $15 minimum wage now…”

A lot of people are afraid of the word anarchy. They think it means chaos and looting and that kind of thing. But that is not what an anarchic outcome would look like. At least not in our society, I don’t think.

All anarchy means is without rulers. It does not mean without law. Really the only difference between an anarcho-capitalist society and what we have now is the anarcho-capitalist society would be better in every imaginable way. There would be no monopoly over the use of force or the creation of law. The market would handle law and order the same way the market handles pizza and video games: By giving you choices.

– Pat

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