How to Lose Weight and Be Healthy With Fitness Minimalism (Ep. 5, Libertarianism for Normal People)

how to lose weight and be healthy with fitness minimalism

One of the most sacred values among libertarians is freedom, and good health is a key factor in achieving freedom. Why? Well… let’s say someone is 500 pounds and is homebound. Now, this person might be perfectly happy being in that condition, but is he free? Can he live a life that offers the opportunity to unlock his personal potential? The question answers itself.

That’s an extreme example, but the fact is that the better shape you’re in, the less opportunity there is to subject yourself to the health system – and whether that’s the private health industry, or… God forbid… the pending universal health system, you’re not in the best position to pursue your dreams if you’re constantly going to the doctor, hospital, or taking medication with negative side effects.

Lucky for you, LFNP co-host Pat Flynn is a successful fitness coach and has helped hundreds of people achieve better health with a minimalist approach. On today’s episode, he talks about the best approach he’s found toward diet and exercise.


Pat’s website, Chronicles of Strength

Free kettlebell workouts from Pat

Chronicles of Strength Facebook page

Pat demonstrates a basic kettlebell swing

Pat demonstrates a basic goblet squat

How to Lose Weight and Be Healthy
with Fitness Minimalism


– Pat and Jon

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