Who Was the Worst President?

who was the worst president?

People want to know who the worst president was and that’s actually a pretty easy question to figure out. But I’ll start by telling you I have never liked any president. I hated Bush, I hated Clinton, I hated Old Bush, I hated Reagan, I hated Carter (I wasn’t alive during Carter, but you don’t have to be alive to hate someone), and so on, and so on.

So I have never liked any president,  like I said. The most I can say is I liked maybe one or two people who were president but never while they were serving, did I like them. Serving, sorry. I meant ruling. “Serving” is a kind of funny way that politicians get you to think they aren’t actually overlords.

The worst president was president Obama, but only because he was the most recent. (We’ll see about this next one.) And he was only as bad as he was because of how bad Bush was. Obama was just Bush for another two terms with about a 3% difference in policy. In most ways Obama continued/worsened a lot of what Bush did, as Bush continued/worsened a lot of what Clinton did. They were just like, genetic mutations of one another, but not in a good way.

Obama printed more money than Bush and waged just as many wars. The only difference is unlike Bush we never heard about those wars as much. Most Americans have no idea about all the kinds of trouble Obama caused in places like Yemen. Most Americans think Yemen is a fruit, which that doesn’t help the cause very much, either. So then I have to tell them, actually Yemen is not a fruit. Yemen is a country.

The point is all presidents are amazingly godawful in their own special kind of way.

But who do YOU think was the worst president?

Let us know in the comments.

– Pat

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