Libertarianism for Normal People – Introduction (Ep.1, Libertarianism for Normal People)

Libertarianism for Normal People

We’re Pat and Jon. We started this podcast. We work with each other about once a week, and ultimately, we start talking about politics, economics, etc. One day we were like, “We should have a microphone and record this.” So that’s what we do now. We record this.

What is Libertarianism For Normal People? It’s just two libertarian guys talking about current events, viral social media content, or whatever might be going on in the world that we break down from a libertarian perspective. We aren’t economists, historians, or political insiders. But we’ve been libertarians for a while and have a pretty good grasp on understanding and explaining the philosophy on a basic, layman understanding.

Also, and what makes us really unique, is we can show you ways to maximize the amount of potential freedom you already have, right now, in spite of the state. What we call being a “lifestyle libertarian.” So expect to hear us talk a lot about starting your own business, launching a “side hustle”, increasing autonomy at work, taking charge of your health, and seeking out ways of increasing and preserving your wealth.

This past year was an interesting year for libertarianism. With two of the most unpopular, controversial candidates representing the two major parties, people looked for an alternative. And for the most part, it was the Libertarian Party. Unfortunately, the Libertarian Party offered Gary Johnson and Bill Weld to as their candidates…. Ugh.

While it was great to have such a spotlight on the party and the political philosophy, these two were woefully sad at explaining libertarianism and promoting the blessings of liberty. Often you would hear Johnson explain the virtues as, “The best of the Republican and Democratic parties” or “Fiscally conservative, socially liberal.” No. That’s not what libertarianism is.

So, given that more people than ever were looking at libertarianism as a viable alternative to the status quo and not getting the best exposure from the two guys who were running on the ticket, we saw an opportunity to explain it to regular, everyday folk who are curious about libertarianism… or those who identify as libertarian but haven’t delved too deep into what it means to be really free of government and determine what’s best for their own lives.

We’ll bring you a new episode every week that looks at a particular topic and provides a libertarian viewpoint. We won’t get too much into the weeds; we’ll just provide a basic understanding of how libertarians view the issue and approach it from a philosophical, economic, and/or political perspective. Sure. If you want to learn more, we’ll provide recommendations for learning more about economics, civil liberties, foreign policy, etc. But Libertarianism For Normal People aims to give you an everyday, easily digestible look into the philosophy of liberty.

Also in this episode: Pat goes off on Meryl Streep’s self-serving, virtue-signaling Golden Globes speech. And Jon talks about Trump’s first official press conference since winning the 2016 perspective.

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Episode 1: Libertarianism for Normal People




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